Should you tell your boss that you are pregnant?

Many female employees are afraid of telling their boss about their pregnancy. They are concerned about being perceived as less capable and desirable employees and about being terminated. This is especially likely to be the case if a female worker has a well-paying job and cares about her place in her workplace and her career advancement in the near future.

However, the reality is that there are simply no advantages to not disclosing pregnancy to the employer. First, sooner or later the employer will find out that the employee is pregnant as the pregnancy will become visible. Secondly, informing your employer that you are pregnant and have a difficulty in performing certain duties of your job, you may be entitled to certain protections, such as reasonable accommodations to your condition.

If you are concerned about pregnancy discrimination, this is yet another reason to put your employer on notice that you are pregnant as soon as possible. Employers who are sued for pregnancy discrimination ordinarily argue that they had no knowledge of the suing employee’s pregnancy. This is often grounds for dismissal of the discrimination claim. By notifying your employer of your pregnancy promptly, you take this argument away, creating a further legal protection for yourself. After all, the more risky the position that the employer puts itself in when planning to terminate you, the less likely you are to be terminated.

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