Sexual orientation discrimination and harassment in California

Sexual orientation discrimination involves treating an employee differently because of his or her sexual orientation (being gay, lesbian, or bisexual). In California, homosexual employees are protected by the same laws that protect all other workers against sexual harassment. That is, it is unlawful to harass or discriminate against employees because of their sexual orientation. This means that an employer who fails to hire, promote or otherwise provide equal conditions and privileges of employment to a homosexual employee because of his or her sexual orientation violates California anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws and is subject to liability.

Some of the common examples of sexual orientation discrimination and harassment include being treated differently after your employer or co-workers find out about your sexual orientation, being harassed by comments of jokes about your mannerisms or sexual activity, not receiving the same compensation and bonuses as straight employees.

sexual orientation discrimination at workplace

If you work in San Francisco, Bay Area, or Sacramento Areas, and you believe that you are subjected to sexual or sexual orientation discrimination and harassment, an experienced employment lawyer may be able to help you and guide you through the stressful time of dealing with sexual harassment at workplace the right way. The San Francisco employment lawyer Arkady Itkin will be glad to discuss your concerns with you free of charge and without any obligations. We will then be able to determine whether we can help you protect your rights and prevent further harassment.

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