Disability Benefits in California – eligibility for SDI

In addition to unemployment benefits compensation for those workers who are not disabled, the unemployment insurance code of California provides for disability compensation under Unempl. Ins. Code sections 2601 and 3272. Unemployment compensation disability benefits are paid from the disability fund. A worker is deemed disabled on any day in which, because of physical or mental condition, he was unable to perform his regular or customary work. Disability may include illness, injury, pregnancy, childbirth, infection with a communicable disease, acute alocoholism, or acute drug-induced illness.

The requirements for eligibility for disability benefits generally include (Unempl. Ins. Code sec. 2627):

(a) Making a claim;
(b) Being unemployed and disabled for a seven-day waiting period;
(c) Submitting to reasonable medical examinations; and
(d) Filing a physician’s certificate.

A worker is not eligible for disability benefits with respect to any period for which he received or is entitled to receive unemployment compensation benefits of California or other state or the federal government. If other benefits are paid, such as workers compensation benefits for instance, the disability benefits must be reduced accordingly.

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