California Overtime Law Update: Sullivan v. Oracle Corp.

In it recent decision, filed in November 6, 2008, the 9th Circuit clarified an important point of California Overtime Law. In that case, the issue was whether Oracle employees, who are not residents of California, are entitled to the protections and privileges of California overtime compensation laws, if they work in California. In its well reasoned decision, the court summarized California Labor Code section 510(a). The court reminded that this law requires overtime pay of one and one-half regular pay beyond 8 hours worked in any single day, 40 hours in one week, and the first 8 hours of work on the seventh day worked of any one workweek. Additionally it requires double pay for hours worked beyond 12 in a day or 8 hours on the seventh day of any one workweek.

California Supreme Court has concluded that California’s employment laws govern all work performed within the state, regardless of the residence or domicile of the worker, citing Tidewater Marine Western Inc. v. Bradshaw 927 P.2d 296. That case held that California employment laws implicitly extend to employment occurring within California state law boundaries. Please feel free to read the full decision on California Overtime Law as it applies to non-residents of California.

Thus, this recent decision suggests that all employees who would otherwise qualify for overtime compensation, regardless of the state of their residence, are entitled to overtime compensation under California law, if they perform the work at issue within the territory of state of California.

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